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Feb 27, 2023 · You can look at income, education, marital status, location, family history, gut instinct and a host of other factors to find out where you fall. Jan 11, 2022 · The average U.
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  • Children with single parents or in stepparent families receive less financial support for postsecondary education and are less likely to attend college compared to those with continuously partnered parents who have all of their biological children in common (Wojtkiewicz and Holtzman 2011).
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    This study explores the impact of changes in family financial status over a four year period on level of satisfaction with various aspects of household finances.

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    Both women and men had changes in employment driven by their employers.

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    Despite the widespread acceptance of economic hardship as a social determinant of health, the way it has been measured is restricted to income in relation to the federal poverty line (FPL) or to issues related to housing insecurity, food insecurity, healthcare tradeoffs.

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    At a much-publicized news conference on Capitol Hill to show the preliminary findings of their premier investigation into Mr.