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You're feeling how I felt, I know I'd be a mess now still inside if I'd had one. Answer (1 of 82): I would suggest upping the stakes on him and tell him you will get an abortion or put the child up for adoption, but only if you get to film the doctor give him a vasectomy, and post the video on you-tube and facebook, along with the terms of your deal.
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  • However, if you are below 18, you must provide written consent from your guardian to get an abortion in India.
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  • A judge can excuse you from this requirement.
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    " Wtf? I don't believe in abortion for myself, but I am pro-choice.

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    Mar 29, 2022 · My partner said he’ll leave me if I don’t have an abortion.

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    However, if you ARE keeping the baby, please be aware that, by making this decision, your child will probably not have much of a father.